March 2008

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Most companies take great pains to make sure their public-facing statements present the company in the correct light. It's about time lawyers were subject to the same processes.
The top 20 most listened to theme songs in the last week, as tracked by
If the iPhone continues its strong showing in the smart phone market, there's going to be a new demand for iPhone developers in the mobile space. Which means there's going to be a bunch of people learning Cocoa and the Mac OS X APIs who wouldn't otherwise have given them a look.
This code is the result of two conflicting factors. On one hand, since the constructor in question takes an arbitrary character encoding, the case of the encoding being unavailable must be taken into account. On the other hand, 90% of code that calls this constructor will be explicitly invoking a character set that is required to be provided with the Java Runtime Environment.
A recent post on our internal wiki asked for T-shirt slogans of the style: "Java developers do it with...". I didn't quite stick to the format, but here are my submissions for posterity:
I was reading my preview of the Artima Scala book over the weekend when I had a sudden moment of clarity. Scala is to Java as C++ is to C.
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