Java Developers...

by Charles Miller on March 4, 2008

A recent post on our internal wiki asked for T-shirt slogans of the style: "Java developers do it with...". I didn't quite stick to the format, but here are my submissions for posterity:

  1. Java: because everyone loves the strong, static type
  2. Java developers do it with java.lang.Class
  3. Java: dragging C++ programmers halfway to LISP since 1995
  4. Java: making Smalltalk nerds cry since 1995
  5. Java developers do it with primitive types
  6. Java developers do it with 0xb6-0xb9
  7. Java developers do it with COBOL's rotting corpse

I actually want #6 on a t-shirt. Alan Green wins the "nerd of the day" award for being the first to get the reference.

On a related note, I spent a lot of yesterday trying to come up with a Java byte-code joke. The best (and this is really stretching the definition of 'best') I could come up with was the following:

Q. What did the invokespecial say to the invokevirtual?

A. I'm super(), thanks for asking!

Thank-you, I'll be here all week.

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