Faint Praise?

by Charles Miller on December 14, 2006

Here's a sample customer comment from Perforce's testimonial page:

"I reported a bad link in Perforce's online docs -- and received a response in 52 seconds (according to the mail headers). To properly measure the performance of perforce support you would need to account for clock skew!"

Here's one about Contegix:

These guys are pros! I haven't been able to throw anything at them so far that they weren't willing and able to tackle. They have made it easier for us to build our business by letting us worry about the big stuff and not having to sweat the back-end stuff. We plan to grow with Contegix as partners for years to come.

Here's a section from JBoss's monthly news email:

Thanks for the suggestion. It helped us in resolving the problem we were facing.

Now, I have no idea whether JBoss support is any good or not. They could be absolutely fantastic for all I know. But I have no better idea of how good they are after reading those comments than I did before, apart from "Was that the best they could find?" Which sort of defeats the purpose of including them in the first place.

Restarting works now - thanks!

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