September 2005

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The most interesting thing to me about Intelligent Design, though, is that if you look too closely at it, it's an argument against the Christian God.
Data exists in some ether that your mind never really has to deal with completely. Physical things have presence. They take up space. They can arrest your vision. When you move them they stay moved. You can fold, spindle and mutilate them as you wish.
Programming is looking at a feature request in the morning and thinking "I can do that in one line of code"...
Express your displeasure with the behaviour of the party in the wrong, but do so in such a way that places a favourable interpretation on the reasons for their actions. Suggest that their actions were obviously an unintentional mistake, or were done for good, but misguided motives. This way you offer the other party the opportunity to repudiate their own actions, but to save face in doing so.
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