by Charles Miller on March 2, 2015

  1. Use Google (or just search Github directly) to find the Vagrant recipe for the thing you want to install.
  2. Clone the recipe from the only available tag: master.
  3. Run vagrant up
  4. Upgrade Vagrant, because it's been a few months since you did that last and nothing works any more.
  5. Upgrade VirtualBox, because that's a few months old too, and you know there's no chance the newest version of Vagrant will work with something so hideously ancient.
  6. Run vagrant up
  7. Return to Google to find plausible substitutes for the dependencies that have vanished off the Internet since this recipe was written.
  8. Cross fingers.
  9. Run vagrant up
  10. Return to Google to find the extra plugins you need to run this recipe.
  11. Follow the series of redirects to find where said plugins are hosted these days.
  12. Install plugins.
  13. Run vagrant up
  14. Run VAGRANT_LOG=debug vagrant up
  15. Hunt your way up through the pile of Ruby stack traces until you find the "undefined method" error.
  16. Sob quietly into your cup of tea.

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