On the Internet, nobody knows you are a cat.

October 8, 2012 3:36 PM

A year or two ago, I created a Facebook account for my mother’s cat.

(a) It was funny at the time. (b) My mother could use it to follow me and my brother’s goings-on without the embarrassment of having a Facebook account of her own. (c ) Donna and I may have been drunk.

By the time I got around to handing it over, my mother had sensibly decided that she’d probably rather not know what Nick and I were up to on Facebook after all.

Not long after that I forgot the account password. I also forgot the date of birth I used to register the account, which is necessary to recover the password.

As a result of this, every week or so, Facebook sends me a helpful email suggesting other cats I may be interested in pursuing an Internet friendship with.

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