This sequence of thoughts actually passed through my head, almost verbatim.

by Charles Miller on March 28, 2012

Context: on a semi-work-related IRC channel, this conversation.

dennilan: Should I comment on [REDACTED] pointing out the Straw Man-ity?
Carlfish: Sadly, “straw manatee” returns no relevant image hits on Google.
dennilan: Turn off safe search. Rule 34 and all that.

Rule 34 of the Internet is an attempt to define the extent of human perversion by stating: “If it exists, somebody has already turned it into porn.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in Charles‘ head.

… “As a joke, I should come up with something really obscure and unlikely, and tweet a Rule 34 request for it.”

… “I know. ‘Rule 34 request. OSGi’”

… “No, not a good pick. People already get fucked by that regularly.”

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