Charles and the iPad

April 8, 2010 4:03 AM

A couple of weeks ago, Donna and I were trapped in Dulles airport waiting for a delayed connecting flight to LA. Passing a booth selling software that promised to teach you a second language elicited the following conversation:


So if you could learn a language just by plugging a chip into your head like in The Matrix, would you do it?


Of course! Especially if it had an Apple logo. Sign me up for my iBrain.


You realise one day Steve Jobs would flick the override switch and we'd all end up part of his zombie army.

Charles: (Zombie Voice)

Must… donate… pancreas…

So yes, cards on the table, I'm an Apple fanboy and you can clearly dismiss anything I might have to say about the iPad as the deluded ravings thereof.

Another point of view would be to say that if you look at the string of wildly successful products Apple has produced since the original iMac, the way they turned from resigned “When are they going to die?” to breathless “What are they going to do next?” in the course of a decade, anyone who doesn’t at least have a grudging appreciation of the company and its products deserves to have their judgement questioned.

After a few hours of playing with my new iPad I tweeted: “iPad review: 80% fucking awesome, 10% pretty good, 10% WTF.”

Edit: I originally promised further reviews here, but pretty much everything I wanted to say about the iPad has already been said by others, if not better than I planned to then at least close enough that I can't be bothered making the effort. Management apologises for the inconvenience.

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