by Charles Miller on April 26, 2009

I never used Geocities, but I can't help agreeing that even if Yahoo! is going to discontinue the service, they shouldn't let all that content just drop into the bit bucket of history.

It’s cute and pithy to say “Well, good fucking riddance to Geocities”.… Many pages are amateurish. A lot have broken links, even internally. The content is tiny on a given page. And there are many sites which have been dead for over a decade. But please recall, if you will, that for hundreds of thousands of people, this was their first website. This was where you went to get the chance to publish your ideas to the largest audience you might ever have dreamed of having.… In a world where we get pissed because the little GIF throbber stays for 4 seconds instead of the usual 1, this is all quaint. But it’s history. It’s culture. It’s something I want to save for future generations. – Jason Scott

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