The Time Out Corner

by Charles Miller on March 23, 2009

Twitter needs an “ignore this person for the next hour” button. What is it about going to conferences that makes normally interesting people think a bombardment of the minutiae of whatever panel they are currently attending is what their followers desperately want to read? I'd far, far rather read a paragraph of thoughtful, retrospective comment on someone's blog than have an ongoing stream of verbatim quotes clog up my phone.

To change the subject slightly, Merlin Mann: (via John Gruber)

Bullshit or no, good conferences attract good people for one reason; they know other good people will be there. You don’t go to act like a hero; you go to meet the people who are heroes to you. And, to me, there are 100-year opportunities for awesome in the hallways and bars and hotel rooms and even at the horseshit parties where loud music and free liquor turn a lot of people who should know better into retards and mooks.

For what it's worth, I'm going to be at the Atlassian Summit. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of cool people doing cool shit with our software who I've only previously encountered over the Internet.

I'd just appreciate it if you didn't live-tweet the panels.

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