The Macworld Stevenote: A reaction

by Charles Miller on January 13, 2008

To prove my skills as a cutting-edge blogger, I would like to deliver this, my reaction to Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld 2008. "But Charles!", you say. "The keynote isn't for another three days!"

"Bah", I say. "Irrelevant."

All I can say about this Macworld keynote is yawn. how disappointing. After all the rumours and speculation, all the poring over every patent Apple has ever filed, all the speculative leaps, we're supposed to be satisfied with this over-priced, under-specced junk missing almost every feature we've been salivating for over the last month?

What is the world coming to, when Apple can't even come up with a product that competes with our fantasy specs and Photoshop mock-ups? With this ho-hum display, the company has well and truly jumped the shark.

Stay tuned for our next round of rumour coverage, six weeks before WWDC.

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