January 2008

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If they go with their current plans, Microsoft will be attempting to redefine "standard" as "what IE7 does", and everything else as an extension that needs to be opted into. They feel entirely justified in doing so because from their perspective, IE's market-share _makes_ it the standard.
I think the step that Apple is taking with the MacBook Air is much like the one they took when they decided to ship the iMac without a floppy drive. They know where the world is going, and they want to be there first.
What is the world coming to, when Apple can't even come up with a product that can compete with our fantasy specs and Photoshop mock-ups? With this ho-hum display, the company has well and truly jumped the shark.
...mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.
I think what many people forget is that a resume is an exercise in marketing. For the kind of developer who considers him or herself above marketing, it might be something of an alien landscape.
I own an Apple TV. What's more, I still stand by the largely positive review I gave it nine months ago. For a 1.0 device it's very handy, but it's still a 1.0 device. Here's how I'd bring it to at least 1.2.
As much as possible, allow users to do whatever they want at all times. Avoid using modes that lock them into one operation and prevent them from working on anything else until that operation is completed. -- Apple Human Interface Guidelines
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