September 2007

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Jesus loves me, yes I know, because the Facebook tells me so.
A good story to keep in mind next time you hear the record labels crying foul over the fact that Apple won't institute variable pricing on iTunes.
There’s some deep part of your brain that instinctively wants to make connections with other human beings. Even when you do something as superficial as click a button on a website to confirm that somebody you’ve already known for ten years is your friend, that bit of your brain experiences a little ‘ping’ of happiness.
What started as the opinion of a small number of commenters on a medium-traffic Australian forum site is now a portrait of a corporate bully trying to silence critics, splashed over the entire Internet.
The media narrative of the moment is that John Howard, Australia's Prime Minister for the last eleven years, is seeing his leadership of the party challenged in the face of opinion polls predicting a crushing election defeat. What seems to be being missed in all the analysis is that you'd have to be nuts to take the Liberal leadership right now.
I have an iPod Nano because the tiny form-factor makes up for it not holding all my music. I also have an iPod Classic for those times I want to have all my music with me, form-factor be damned. The Touch combines the worst of those worlds, and hopes to make up for it by adding cool new Internetty features.
Dear Asia-Pacific. You can have your world leaders back now, we don't want them.
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