HOWTO: Make your poker night more evil.

by Charles Miller on February 21, 2007

It's time for the monthly Atlassian poker game. In a moment of inspiration, I sent this to our mailing-list.

On a related note, it happens to be February 2007.


The worst starting hand in Texas Hold-em.

In the spirit of The Hammer Challenge, I propose the following side-game tonight:

  • Anyone who wants to play puts in $5
  • The pool is divided into even prizes for every hour between 7pm and midnight
  • Only one person can win per hour. If nobody wins, the prize jackpots.
  • Unclaimed money gets divided evenly at the end of the night between whoever's left at the death.

To win a prize, you must win a hand while holding 72 off-suit. On winning the pot, you must show your cards, stand up, and proudly shout: "The Hammer!"

  • The pot must be more than $5, or more than $10 after 10pm. Uncalled bets don't count as part of the pot.
  • You can't win playing from either blind.
Any takers?

Of course, it's not like our Wednesday night games don't already feature a certain amount of reckless play with junk cards. I just felt it was my duty to take it to the next level.

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