How Not to Take my Money

by Charles Miller on November 16, 2006

There's a lot of buzz around Second Life at the moment. I tried it out once upon a time, but in the same way as I never got into any of the MUCKs, MUSHs and MOOs that Second Life supercedes, I couldn't find any compelling reason to stay.

Now there are all sorts of events popping up in Second Life, though, it makes sense to maintain an account for occasional visits. And who knows, it might be mildly amusing to hold the occasional cross-continent Atlassian meeting in virtual reality.

So I went to reactivate my account, and...

“An error occured while processing your request: You are not allowed to change your plan at this time.”

Even ignoring the spelling of "occurred", this is a truly annoying error message. Why am I not allowed to change my plan? What can I do about it? What is my next step?

Then I remembered, I did precisely the same thing (and got the same error) six months ago. That time, I emailed support, got back instructions on what I had to do to reactivate my account, put those instructions in my "things to do" file, and then eventually deleted them because it wasn't worth the effort.

This time around I'll skip that step, and use the time I saved to whine about it on my blog.

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