November 2006

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I was watching TV tonight when I saw something I wanted to share with my workmates. So after the segment was over, I rewound the show on my PVR, paused it, took a photo of the screen with my camera, transferred the photo onto my laptop via Bluetooth, then posted the image on my internal company blog.
Around Thursday of last week, somebody put this helpful article on my desk...
In my dreams I can fly...
Is that the sort of pressure a development methodology should be placing on people, that having to reassign a resource for a single day is a cataclysm?
Then I remembered, I did precisely the same thing (and got the same error) six months ago. That time, I emailed support, got back instructions on what I had to do to reactivate my account, put those instructions in my "things to do" file, and then eventually deleted them because it wasn't worth the effort.
It's nice to know that if I spend more than $30, O'Reilly won't charge anything to ship me my PDF.
Nick Douglas' Valleywag was unashamedly lowbrow, and not afraid of picking fights and then extracting every last bit of juice from the resulting enmity. That's not to everyone's taste, but it found a niche and filled it, and aren't niches and narrowcasting what blogging is all about? "We want to be more bland so we can appeal to a wider audience" is just so old media.
Now the big question is: "What are the Democrats going to do about Iraq?" And there's no good answer. Iraq is that sign up on the store shelf that says "You break it, you bought it"
Crossing the road in Hanoi isn't for the faint-hearted
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