New Rules

by Charles Miller on July 25, 2006

On behalf of the committee, I would like to announce the following addendum to the rules. These rules should be inserted into appendix 4.1: "Even Irony has an Expiry Date".

For more information, please read the "How To Play" guide that was provided with your Internet access.

  1. If you refer to the Internet as 'internets', you lose ten points.
  2. If you refer to the Internet as 'intarweb', you lose fifty points.
  3. By the multiplicative rule, 'intarwebs' is an immediate five hundred point penalty.
  4. The committee's decision on 'series of tubes' references is pending, but be warned that after something is mentioned on The Daily Show, it's not an in-joke any more.
  5. If you turn an adjective into a noun ("That is just too much awesome for one person to handle."), you lose five points.
  6. If you turn an adjective into a noun, then use it as an adjective anyway ("That is the awesome."), you lose fifty points.
  7. Any variation on OMGWTFBBQ is immediate loss of game.

The penalty for confusing "lose" and "loose" remains the same.

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