A Marine Biologist Reviews 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

by Charles Miller on July 10, 2006

My friend Danna is a marine biologist. She has also been obsessed with squid since the age of thirteen. I asked her opinion of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie:

Danna: As you can imagine, I was pleased with the strong cephalopod theme.

Charles: I thought you might be upset by the reinforcement of negative squid stereotypes.

Danna: This might be another "take what I can get" moment.

I was somewhat upset that the Kraken had all those teeth instead of a beak, though.

Charles: Well, lots of teeth are scarier.

Danna: I'd have to disagree, having spent a couple of weeks getting very personal with jumbo squid beaks. They're very, very sharp.

Charles: I'll take your word for it. I've never been personal with a squid before.

Danna: That's probably just as well. Ink and mucus isn't for everyone.

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