July 2006

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The penalty for confusing "lose" and "loose" remains the same.
The competition was a token gesture in every sense, but it was a humanising gesture. Everything about Flickr's message turned them from a faceless website owned by a big corporation into a bunch of guys and gals who were just as upset about this as you, and were working hard to make things right again.
My friend Danna is a marine biologist. She has also been obsessed with squid since the age of thirteen. I asked her opinion of the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie.
We slept well for the first time since 1998. The high pitched tone in our ears is much less under the canopy and we feel much less nervous. It's a wonderful feeling to be under the canopy.
I'm tempted to write to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and ask them, in the light of this information, what steps I should be taking to shield my passport from unwanted radiation.
Apple have been taking a lot of stick recently over heat issues in their new Intel range of notebook computers. So I was amused to receive this little marketing gem in my inbox over the weekend.
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