June 2006

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One of the screenshots below is MSN's estimated age-distribution of you, my dear readers. The other is for popular children's site site Neopets.
It's perfectly reasonable to sugar-coat a bitter pill, but giving someone a teaspoon of sugar while you sneak up behind them with the suppository won't make you any friends at all.
In preparation for the upcoming Superman movie, now is a good time to revisit Superdickery.com, a collection of very wrong comic panels.
This behaviour was later moved into the CPU, which means every Intel-based PC built in the last twenty years (including the X-Box) has contained a variant on this quick-and-dirty hack, for those few 8086 applications that expected a couple of segments of memory memory to wrap around above 1MB.
If you're going to invent words and concepts unfamiliar to the reader, you can't introduce them gradually without undermining the reality of the language. But at the same time explaining everything up-front would make a book awkward and top-heavy.
This is a real book.
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