Post Apple-event Let-Down Syndrome

by Charles Miller on March 2, 2006

A commenter on The Unofficial Apple Weblog sums up rumour-sites' reactions to, well, pretty much every Apple announcement ever:

In other news, the girl I met last night from didn't look as much like Maggie Gyllenhaal as I had hoped.

Now remind you, she didn't ever tell me she looked like Maggie Gyllenhaal. But what happened was – I found this interesting girl off, and after exchanging e-mails I asked all my friends to e-mail drawings to me of what this lady might look like. My favorite drawing was the one which was a spitting image of Maggie.

Like I said, this girl looked nothing like Maggie! What the hell? Now I'm so upset, I hate, I hate the new girl from, I don't hate Maggie (yet) but I'm close! This is BS! I’ve been hoodwinked!

TUAW also linked to Crazy Apple Rumors New Apple Product Doomed To Failure, which is worth a giggle. And for completeness (and because I keep losing the link), here's something Slashdot's Rob Malda probably wishes he could un-say:

Slashdot: Apple releases iPod. from the well-thats-not-very-exciting dept. No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.

I'm not predicting the iPod Hi-Fi is going to change the world. It'll most likely take a modest place in the catalogue next to the Airport Express, another piece of Apple's strategy for moving that grey-on-white Apple logo from the study into the lounge-room. Still, it's good to remind ourselves what a superbly bad predictor of product success blog-popularity seems to be.

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