You Wouldn't Steal a Movie

by Charles Miller on February 9, 2006

So I sit down to watch a DVD. A DVD that I purchased legally from a completely legal DVD store in the middle of town. Regardless of this fact, I'm still forced to sit through the "anti-piracy" promo at the beginning of the disc.

And by forced, I mean I'm quite literally not permitted to skip it if I want to watch the movie. Thanks to the User Operation Prohibition requirements of the DVD Digital Rights Management system, the DVD consortium prohibits my DVD player from skipping this patronising advertisement no matter how many times I've seen it before.

At this point in my train of thought, the following appears on the screen:

You Wouldn't Steal a Movie

And I'm thinking: "Yes, I would. I'd steal it in a second if the stolen version allowed me to fast-forward past the fucking adverts."

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