January 2006

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Except it is, and it does, because our poker standings page on the extranet represents, in a microcosm, every little bit of information that a company's employees think is worth writing down, if only there were a convenient place to do so. This is one half of the corporate wiki's raison d'etre, and is the reason that so many of our customers tell us how quickly "Just put it in Confluence" and its converse "Look for it in Confluence" have become almost cliché in their organisation.
Google image search results for the term "Tiananmen", performed in two different countries.
I'm not sure "made me walk more than any other car I've used." would be complimentary.
"Because written English survived quite happily for centuries without needing punctuation to delineate humour. I can almost understand why it might be necessary in back-and-forth conversational one-liners, but I don't see why we have to start corrupting honest prose just because some readers are getting too used to being spoon-fed joke-markers to work it out for themselves."
The only novel feature I could see on Flickr when I first signed up was the 'shoebox' of images that you could upload to the site and share with other members, or paste into conversations. The way things turned out, it looks like I wasn't the only user who thought that way.
When does the following code not throw a NullPointerException? MyClass obj = null; obj.doSomething();
It's not raining tonight. Rain is something that starts in the sky then falls down until it hits the earth. The weather I can see outside my window is just humidity reaching its natural conclusion and becoming too heavy to stay where it is. It's not raining tonight; the mist has just discovered there's only a little way left to fall.
I wonder, since online shopping really started taking off, how much money and effort has been expended shipping plastic bladders full of air around the world?
Follow the storage performance/size/capacity/price trendline out 10 or 15 years, and we get to the hard-drive that John Gilmore's been describing: the size of a sugar-cube, costing $1-2, powered off of the occassional hard shake...
Streaming video sucks.
Tom Bridge explains the MacWorld San Francisco keynote to non-believers.
The slogan for the Festival of Sydney this year is 'This is Our City in Summer', which can lead to a certain level of signage-irony when it's pissing down with rain.
The fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge were, as usual, fantastic.
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