Atlassian Christmas Party

by Charles Miller on December 15, 2005

This year, the Atlassian Christmas party was held on a boat. Quite a lot of alcohol was consumed, as is traditional at these events, and we found an outlet for our competitive streaks by shooting infra-red guns at flying reflective plastic targets.

For the record I won the preliminary round with only one miss, but then bombed out in the final thanks to the cumulative effect of an intervening two bottles of beer, and a new scoring system that valued speed over accuracy.

Translation: If you fuck with me, make sure you shoot first. :)

The number of cameras at the event was frightening. In our society of pervasive digital surveillance, no indiscretion will go un-flickr'd.

See also: My photo-set of the event (Justin's, Jeremy's), and this caption competition.

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