November 2005

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Since the boundaries of each age are defined by the participants, you will never truly convince someone else that your timeline for a forum's decline is right, and theirs is wrong. To them, you'll either be a jaded old fogey who can't see what fun everyone else is having, or you'll be a clueless newbie who has ruined the place, damnit.
Last night's dream (Well, this morning's dream. I always have the best dreams when I wake up, then go back to bed for a few hours) opened with me not knowing who I was. All the people around me were concerned - I'd been through some kind of strange time-travel event, and I wasn't allowed to do time-travel.
Why would starting a blog help Walmart? Well, the conventional blogging wisdom is that they'd be entering into a conversation. A conversation with whom? Well, the relatively small number of people who pay attention to blogs.
Once again proving that if you reduce a problem down to a series of nonsense metrics, you end up with a meaningless result.
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