October 2005

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Maybe, if there's a Web 3.0, it's not going to be about giving you cool sites to put your stuff on, but about giving you the tools to build that cool stuff on top of your own persistent, personal space on the net.
On the iTunes Music Store, and just how much my blogging habit has hurt Atlassian.
And that, ultimately, is what's great about Serenity. When was the last time you read a review of a science fiction movie that talked at length about the characters? Three and a half stars out of five.
Given the OPML spec, and the above examples, we can now ask ourselves a simple question: What is the difference between accepting OPML, and accepting arbitrary XML documents of unknown formats? Answer: An OPML document limits where you can put text nodes.
Assbandit: n. Literally, one who steals asses.
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