Apple: What's Next?

May 4, 2005 5:06 PM

The Powermac range was refreshed, and the Final Cut suite updated last month. Tiger was only released last week. The iMac was refreshed today.

Meanwhile, it's only a month until WWDC. There's the usual scattering of "TBA" sessions throughout the schedule, and I can't imagine Steve Jobs not saving up something cool to announce during the keynote.

So I guess the question is: what's Apple doing next? Well, I had a few ideas.

  • ChiaMac - Organic Computing for the Masses
  • Following the success of the Mac Mini's BYODKM approach, Steve introduces the G5 Powerbook with BYOLNCS (Bring Your Own Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System)
  • OS X 10.4.1, 'Tigger'. With FIVE new features!
  • The Mac Tablet (delivered to Steve on stage by a squadron of flying pigs)
  • Nothing, but in an accidentally double-booked Garageband demo, Trent Reznor builds a five minute musical opus from the sound of John Mayer being stabbed to death.

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