December 2004

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Being born on the trailing edge of Generation X, it's hard for me to accept that anything can be without irony, but the ringtone is the inevitable exception.
One of the features in the Confluence 1.3 release that I still look back on and say "Hey, that's neat", is the representation of threads in the email archives.
The myth, of course, is that the lawyers have to protect their trademarks against any use by third-parties, because otherwise they lose the mark. It's a very convenient myth, and I suspect it's quite a lucrative one that the lawyers don't really put much effort into dispelling.
The fact it took most of the day to come up with an hour's worth of presentation is testament to just how much of a time-sink putting together a halfway decent slide-show is.
Really, this is just an excuse to post an mp3 of Richard Burton saying "creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water".
Looking at the web applications Google is producing, I can comfortably say (and I'm almost never comfortable making technological predictions), that if you develop web applications and you aren't looking today for ways to include techniques like XmlHttpRequest, you're going to end up being beaten by someone who is.
Happy birthday to me
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