November 2004

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We need a new word for "computer game". Preferably something short and unpretentious -- I don't want "simulated" this or "immersive electronic experience" that -- but without the baggage of the mental image of a thirteen year old kid playing Super Mario Brothers.
What I love about TheServerSide's occasional cartoons is not just that they're all remarkably un-funny, but that the kind editors of TSS go to such great lengths to explain the joke in advance in the sidebar.
To get the most out of your programmers, you should give them the tools to do their job efficiently, remove potential interruptions, and make sure they're motivated. Mandatory overtime isn't on this list, believe it or not. Not just because it sucks (which it does), but because it's counter-productive.
Despite the emphasis on lines like "I can't prepare for death more than I already have", and "Give me one reason to do it", this CD shows me a Smith moving forwards musically, not one about to abruptly stop. And that's why it's annoying. I want to hear what he does next, damnit.
I would like to thank the tireless participants in Atom's standardisation process for providing me with some great test data.
Rather than worry about what your icons are going to look at, use a placeholder and defer the decision until later.
I simply don't understand how anyone in their right mind could vote for Bush. I'm sure a lot of really smart, rational human beings have done so, but I just don't understand the degree of self-deception that has to go on to say "Hey, this lunatic is a good thing for the future of our country."
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