One Step to Improve Your Online Security

by Charles Miller on October 25, 2004

Microsoft, on their front page, are offering "5 Steps to Improve Your Online Security", decorated with a photo of a woman typing on a laptop.

In the stock photograph from which Microsoft's designers ever-so-carefully cropped the image, we learn the real advice Microsoft is subliminally offering its customers. Want to be secure online?

Get a Mac.

(From via the Livejournal MacOSX community)

Update: Microsoft have since updated their homepage, so for posterity (and so you know I'm not just making this up), here's a screen grab I took of the incriminating photo in context.

[Note for the mentally infirm: This is ironic humour. Flames will be redirected to /dev/null. If you want my serious opinion on the security of the Macintosh platform, you can find it here.]

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