October 2004

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I love the Ruby language. I have doubts about the ability of its interpreter, though, after it was a factor of fifty slower at parsing XML than Java.
Watching Warne play cricket, though, you get the impression that the reason he lacks wit and focus off the field is because he's saving it for the game. Warne approaches every delivery utterly convinced that it is going to defeat the batsman.
Microsoft tells us what we already knew. Want to improve your online security? Get a Mac.
It may just be me, but every time I come across a reference to John Kerry (or any other politician "flip-flopping", all I can think of is that episode of The Simpsons when Sideshow Bob ran for mayor.
In which Charles goes into full-blown promotional mode.
So I turned off swap. And everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. There are still bursts of IO as the database does something complicated, but in general, the box is back to barely working up a sweat.
"So long as you understand you don't know what you're doing", I tell myself with a knowing wink. "It will be fine."
I was ten feet away from Brian May kicking some serious ass on guitar. Loud cries of "We are not worthy" were heard from the crowd.
It was my brother Ayad. He was bleeding from his legs, knees and forehead. I told my sister: 'Find out if he's still breathing.' She said: 'No. Nothing.' I started crying. The next day they took away his body."
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