September 2004

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Languages where null is false make me happy. I am aware that this may label me as a sad, sad individual.
Why Lucas should have got someone else to direct the prequels.
Quicksilver is the best program I've seen so far that combines the code-fu of the command-line with the aesthetics of the GUI.
screen ran my entire digital life for eight years. Not a bad achievement for a 250k binary.
If you're running an old version of Blojsom, fix your RSS 2.0 template. For everyone else, a cautionary tale regarding standards that weren't supposed to survive.
It's nice when one of your random bits of punditry from a few months ago is proven to be mostly correct.
Anyway, last night, my mother came to me in a dream...
Start strongly. Know your areas of competence. Have a point of view. Aim for 1000 words.
Opening the letter curiously, I found two printed sheets of paper. At the top of the first was printed: "My name is Dave Rhodes, and in September 1997 I lost my job."
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