August 2004

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"We thank you for calling this method. All of our programmers are busy right now, but if you wait, then some day one of them might get around to fully implementing all of the methods in the JDBC2 specification. Phew, there sure are a lot of them!"
Still, [Allchin] said, dubbing Longhorn without WinFS as "Shorthorn" is "derogatory," because the operating system "is packed full of capabilities." Some of the features he mentioned were "great roaming support," .Net Framework 2.0, "new browsing capabilities," the "fresh" user interface, improved migrations and deployments, "more resilience to malware" and "a new photo experience."
I half-jokingly mentioned I was considering doing a presentation called "Why My Brain Likes Ruby". They called my bluff. I'm almost hoping my second bluff is called, and someone asks me to present the damn thing. It might be fun.
I guess one of the things about becoming a verb is that it ensures you at least some form of immortality.
Yesterday it was Ministry. Today it's Tom Waits.
Alan: It's times like this I wish I'd never learnt Python. I'd be a much happier Java programmer.
How your musical credibility can hold out for six songs... then come crashing down in a painful heap.
Please, gentle readers of this weblog. Offer me the simple courtesy of assuming I am not completely stupid. If you don't feel able to offer me this courtesy, then why are you wasting your time reading the feeble scratchings of an idiot?
Enter IOC/Dependency Injection. Now, each Content object needs to be injected with the renderer component by the IOC framework before any rendering can be performed. So instead, you just have people call the rendering component directly, creating an additional dependency.
On Friday, I woke up with a pretty nasty cold. I grabbed some Paracetemol/Pseudoephedrine/Codeine tablets on the way in to work, and staggered somewhat unproductively through the day. By Friday night, I was in no state to do anything but stagger home and feel sorry for myself.
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