Spiderman 2 Lost Scene

by Charles Miller on July 17, 2004

This scene was cut from the first draft of the Spiderman 2 script.

PETER hangs suspended from the SPIDER WEB, and
looks meaningfully at MARY-JANE

    You see... that's why we can never
    be together. Spiderman will always 
    have enemies, and I couldn't bear
    anything happening to you. It's the
    only way to keep you safe.
    Sure. What-ever!
PETER can't quite process this. He just sits
there on the web.

    Well, how many mortal enemies have
    you had?

    The Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus.
    That makes two.
    And how many times have I been
    abducted by your mortal enemy and 
    almost killed, despite you being so
    very careful to make sure we're
    not a couple?
PETER, once again, has no response to this.

    TWICE, you complete pillock!
Another moment of silence.

    So, what difference would it have
    made if we'd just been shagging like
    crazed rabbits for the last three
    years? But no! You  just HAD to go
    on with your stupid martyr act!
    Does masochism run in your family
    or something?
    Hey! That's not fair!
    Too bloody right it isn't. Do 
    you realise how much this is
    going to complicate my love-
    I'm sorry... What will you tell
    Oh, I'm over him already. I was
    talking about Jarvis.
One more unexpected revelation might just be too
much for PETER.

    Jarvis. Jarvis Cocker. I figured
    if I was going to be attracted to
    moping guys in thick glasses, I
    might as well find one who sings
    about how good he is in bed.
CUT to MARY-JANE being lowered rather quickly from
the web by a long strand of SPIDER-SILK.

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