July 2004

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The challenge for hiring great hackers, then, is holding their attention. If your interest is pure research, or if you happen to be moving in the same direction, they'll give you the benefit of that order-of-magnitude productivity advantage. If the great hacker gets distracted by some new shiny thing, you're in trouble.
Unlike most computer books, it is far too light to be used as a weapon, and not thick enough to prop up a monitor effectively. Nevertheless, it is too thick to be used to prop up one leg of a wobbly table.
It's a strange feeling to be a blogger with nothing interesting to say.
Not that I have even remotely enough money to buy one, of course, but...
This scene was cut from the first draft of the Spiderman 2 script.
I have a pretty laissez faire attitude to spirituality. At least, that's what I thought. Now I know that I have one exception, in the same way that Country is my exception to having no musical biases.
All in all, Looking Glass looks like a good start. It introduces some interesting ideas to the desktop UI, but I don't think I'd want to use it seriously in its current form. Which is fair enough, it's an experiment and not meant for that sort of use yet.
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