June 2004

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Over the next month Gmail is down more often than it is up, none of the programmers are getting any sleep because they're too busy putting out fires, and some sub-editor at the New York Times decides "Gfail?" would make a good headline for the post-mortem, which really isn't good publicity for a company looking towards its IPO.
Caption competition...
The practical result, however, is different. It's very rare that I ask Google to give me a page that occasionally mentions the terms I am searching for. What I usually want is a page that is largely about the terms I am searching for.
What is the difference between a number in single-quotes, and one outside? Well, sometimes it's a few orders of magnitude of performance.
If they could grow human meat in a vat...
Saggitarius: Your hard disk light will not go out today. Plan for occasional bursts of activity. Your lucky number is 2.6.5-gentoo-r1.
If you are writing an API that takes a filename, you _must_ also provide an API that does precisely the same thing to an arbitrary stream of bytes.
No, I don't. Pretty much everything I do is electronic, all of my records are electronic, why do I need to print anything out?
What do you do? If you leave the comment un-challenged, you look like you're providing a supportive environment for random flamers. If you try to interject, you're getting into an argument that's really between the commenter and Bob, that you really have no personal interest in being a part of.
What I'd like to add, though, is that there is still no room for complacency, because none of this keeps you safe from specific threats. Specific threats make no use of the network effect: if I want to get into your computer, I no longer care about the market-share of your operating system.
Tonight, the only thing on TV is Starship Troopers. So guess what I'm doing?
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