April 2004

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Lung cancer? I wanted heart disease.
Is Google finally devouring itself?
Random swirling ideas that weren't big enough for a post by themselves.
This time around, it didn't feel like home. It felt like this place I happened to know my way around. Maybe this is natural: four years is enough time to lay down roots in a new home, be planted somewhere else. Or maybe it's just that I live so much of my life within myself already that I'm not so easily attached. "I am the cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me."
If we can write 137 lines of code without a bug, then we can structure our programming style so that we're always writing units of fewer than 137 lines. We can build those units into components, and voila! No more bugs.
Two months ago, I thought reaching 1.0 was one of the toughest things a software project could do. On your left is a pile of bug reports, on your right a pile of feature requests, and in the middle there's a calendar screaming "Release, already!"
Like all plans, it was simple and effective. I even wrote it up on the whiteboard in clear steps. It was all downhill from there.
Are we all at sea with webservices? Geek Cruises seem to think so.
Now call me a cynic, but I can't help wondering if the next year will see a less aggressive, more financially responsible Sun cutting back on projects that are unprofitable and that only exist as a weapon against a company they are no longer in pitched battle with. Like, say, OpenOffice.org.
For that, I'll happily tell the world how excited I am to be in partnership with you, and how much I respect you as a company. I'll come to your barbecues and laugh at the funny slogan on your apron, even if nobody else does.
We're only talking about a few lines of helper method here, of course. Apache Commons already has one ready-made and waiting for me. All this would be doing, though, is moving the ugly code into a ghetto so I wouldn't have to see it. It would still be there.
Alright, we're here. Let us never speak of the shortcut again.
This pretty much sums up the Internet.
Confluence 1.0.1, out tomorrow, will mostly consist of workarounds for weird Sybase behaviour.
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