Jetbrains Wins. Fatality.

March 29, 2004 8:19 AM

The other day, as Mike was adding yet another obscure chord to his IDEA keymap to squeeze a few more seconds of freedom from repetition (I think he was mapping Ctrl-Meta-B to "stop the debugger, recompile everything, make a cup of tea and solve world hunger"), it occurred to us that the day is coming where they keyboard is no longer going to be necessary. What we're really going to need for our programming is one of these:

A Mortal Kombat-style arcade controller.

Master the combo moves. Write the perfect program. Prove your Code-fu is superior. Flawless Victory!

D L LP: Extract Method. L L L B+HK: Surround with Try/Catch. D R HP HP HP: Iterate Over Collection.

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