Introspection is the Enemy of Blogging

by Charles Miller on March 11, 2004

After three years or so of blogging, I have come up with one rule. This rule applies to me, it may not apply to you.

The longer I think of a 'bloggable' topic, the less likely it is to ever grace these pages. This, for example, explains why this site is host to so many "part one" articles that never see a part two.

To me, blogging hits that sweet spot where it is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. Fired by an idea that is filling my brain, I sit at the keyboard and type. Posts rarely see a second draft beyond simple spelling and grammar corrections. Words flow from my brain to the keyboard, out to the world, and then I'm done with them bar the comments.

I have a list. I've got a little list: an honest, formal list in VoodooPad of topics I plan to write about. Some of these topics have been on this list for more than a year. And I can't say any of them are any less interesting to me today than they were when I put them on the list.

The single attribute they share, however, is that I've allowed myself time to think about them. The inspiration has faded, but in thinking I've given myself even more ideas that I need to perspire over before the article is done.

And that's what kills them.

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