February 2004

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It's one thing when your only tool is a hammer. It's another when you have a full toolbox, but you're so loyal to the hammer you'll apply it to every screw that you find.
select pg_class.relname,pg_locks.* from pg_class,pg_locks where pg_class.relfilenode=pg_locks.relation;
I can't help thinking that perhaps discipline at this school is a little harsh.
I'm getting more than a little tired of project websites where I have to scan down the left-hand side to find the link that will take me to the page that _finally_ tells me what the damn project is about.
So, what value should null have?
One day, the Novice came to the Master and asked, "Master, how can I write perfect code?" to which the Master replied: "To write perfect code, you must not code."
Adventures in writing a one-page deployment script.
What Raymonds really means is that there's a lack of adoption of Java from Unix/C Open Source nerds. From Raymonds point of view, the Open Source community is centered around the Linux community: so any Open Source that isn't related to the Linux community slips under his radar.
The defining nature of a Wiki is consensus. Every participant in a public wiki has the same power to create or destroy, and the resulting content is the consensus of the group. Where there is no consensus, the content remains self-contradictory.
After years of mediating between people who pronounce each letter individually, and people who say "sequel", I want to make it clear that the correct pronunciation of SQL is...
The FAQ said that learning to lucid dream is all about learning to notice when you're dreaming: to always be questioning reality just enough that when you're no longer _in_ reality, you can tell.
I'd be among the first to admit that Java has its flaws. Its design is a compromise, and it is thus compromised. But it still has a lot going for it: not the least of which being the quality of tool support and available libraries. And it is a language in which talented people can produce worthwhile software.
Rediscovering Cocoa. Again.
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