January 2004

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Would you like fries with that?
Surreal, meet Charles. Charles.. Surreal. I'm sure you two know each other.
Persistent login cookies are the cookies that are stored with your browser when you click the "remember me" button on the login form. The following recipe for persistent cookies requires no crypto more powerful than a good random number generator.
For a moment, my blog descends into crass commercialism.
Charles dips his toe into a few Unit Testing topics, after seven beers and a little too much getting his ass kicked in Soul Calibur II.
HTTP has a bunch of useful response codes. As web application developers, we should be familiar with the codes, and use them when they are appropriate.
The computer wants your blood.
All these ideas fight in the bizarre landscape of the computing market. It's like watching evolution at work: except this is evolution played at maximum fast-forward, with an ice-age every couple of years and meteorites hitting the planet constantly from every angle.
Everyone has, at some point, encountered the notion that opinions can be neither true nor false. Which is true, in my opinion. But...
When Spam starts reminding you of old TNG episodes, you know it's time to give up on life.
When you get to the bottom of what's going on, it's an interesting insight into the way a couple of unrelated design decisions can turn around to produce unexpected behaviour that's only really predictable in hindsight. There's a bit of a lesson in here.
The reason some of you may have noticed that is because my script didn't know how to deal with an empty banlist, went slightly insane and banned the whole world.
Aren't you glad you don't have my brain?
I find it annoying that in order to get my Mac to check my spelling against an English dictionary instead of an American English dictionary, OS X thinks that "American English" is just "English".
A while back, I theorised that every Java project ends up writing some kind of StringUtil class. Today I found proof.
(1) I forgot to take a hat, and had to buy one at the ground. (2) Despite large volumes of sunscreen, I have turned bright red.
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