Moving On...

by Charles Miller on December 1, 2003

Friday was my last day of employment at Cirrus Technologies, the firm at which I've worked for the last three and a half years. They're a terrific bunch of blokes, and great developers.

I'd like to thank the Three Amigos: David, David and Jeff, for employing me on the strength of a phone interview from Perth that I was sure I'd screwed up beyond belief.

To single (triple?) out my three co-bloggers from Sydney: Alan, David and Keith -- I've learned a hell of a lot from the three of you, and had a lot of fun doing it. Even those times the project itself wasn't particularly enjoyable, there was always something positive to get out of it.

And to everyone else I worked at Cirrus with: Caragh, Chris, Daniel, David, David (yes, these are all different Davids), Gavin, Mark, Neville, Pete, Reynaldy, Richard, and the two whose names I can't remember right now and am kicking myself over, thanks for three great years.

Update: Ack! And Leon and Shane. Neither of them being one of the two people I was thinking about above, but couldn't remember the names of. For some reason, they were just missing off the association list I used to pull together the names. For which I apologise profusely: my brain really sucks.

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