December 2003

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SGML (and by extension, HTML), can be rather annoying to deal with.
...maybe I'm just embarrassed because I was hacking from home yesterday, and managed to check in a bunch of files with my standard boilerplate "This is *my* code, why are you even reading it?" license at the top.
Sometimes, I think of ways that our lives could be simplified. Then I write them in my blog, so I can point at them whenever I want to complain about how much better the universe would be if I were in charge.
The movie kicked arse.
If on a major holiday or birthday you buy a girl a gift from The Body Shop, you may as well be writing "I didn't have the faintest clue what to get you, so I ended up taking the path of least resistance" on the wrapping paper.
When search stop words get you in trouble.
Why do Java applications have a tendency to grow scripting languages and a plethora of configuration files?
So what happens if you test those higher-level components with mock objects? Well, you sort of end up with tests that do absolutely nothing but test a series of method calls on mock objects. What are you testing, really?
It's a pity you can't do that. If I had access to my own source-code, and could recompile myself whenever anything went wrong, life would be so much easier.
A rambling account of finding tests that don't clean up properly after themselves using a TestDecorator
Happy birthday to me!
Thanks for everything, Cirrus.
"Train yourself to think about where to put the halt, not to think about what the problem is. Of course it’s a great feeling when you can reason to the problem. But we’re not here to make our brains feel good, we’re here to get the code working as quickly as possible."
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