Quintessentially Aussie

by Charles Miller on November 13, 2003

You really can't get much more Aussie than this story about Australian cricketer, Dean Jones:

...[Jones] went out to bat during the famous tied Test of 1986 at Chidambaran Stadium, Madras, despite suffering from a combination of dysentery, vomiting and feeling faint. The temperature was simmering around the 40 degree C mark, the humidity in excess of 90 per cent, and at one point Jones thought he was going to collapse.

“Mate,” Jones had told his batting partner, Australian captain Allan Border, “I'm going to have to go off, I just can't go on, I'm too crook.”

“Sure mate,” [Border] said in reply, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “and when you go back in, can you ask them to send an Australian back, because that's what we need out here.”

Jones stayed and went on to register his highest Test score of 210 runs.

You see, that's what being an Australian is about. When the chips are down; when it comes to the crunch, and everything is against you, what really matters is...


Preferably, winning at sport.

Which is why, even though I find the game about as interesting as a kick in the head, I'll end up watching Australia get their arses kicked by New Zealand in rugby this weekend, and I'll honestly believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Australia are in with a chance to win it.

Updated 2003-11-15. Final score: Australia 22, New Zealand 10. Yay. Although I only ended up watching the last fifteen minutes.

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