by Charles Miller on October 16, 2003

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The office fridge is small, and has a freezer compartment encased in ice anything up to four inches deep.

I'm pretty sure the fridge in the office hasn't been defrosted since I started working there, three and a half years ago. In that time, it's managed to gather up a healthy collection of ice which, amongst other things, rendered the freezer compartment inaccessible.

Today, David Pinn decided to do something about it, rigging together an impressive contraption of plastic bags and buckets to stop the water destroying the carpet.

After a while, and after some amount of hacking by the aforementioned David with knife and screwdriver, he was finally able to open the freezer compartment. We all gathered around to see what might have been trapped inside all these lonely months...

You guessed it. The freezer compartment is packed solid with ice.

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