NetNewsWire Diff Feature

by Charles Miller on October 4, 2003

NetNewsWire has an interesting feature whereby it highlights changes that have been made to an RSS feed since it was first downloaded. (Just enable "Highlight differences" in the General preferences pane). If you think about it, it's quite an interesting effect, because it draws more emphasis to corrections than, perhaps, they deserve.

(And I apologise in advance to Dave, he was just the most recent example, and thus gets picked on here. The referenced post is here)

Now that the Roller software that drives the site has proven itself, JavaLobby is stepping in to support, administer, and nurture the JRoller community. JavaLobby is putting in place scheduled backups, issue tracking (via everybody's favorite: JIRA), and customizations to tie JRoller into the JavaLobby community. I'm going to continue to support JRoller and take an active rolerole, along withside other JavaLobby volunteers tovolunteers, in the support of JRoller.

The transparency of weblogging can be quite daunting sometimes.

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