Social Technology: A Parable

by Charles Miller on September 4, 2003

I was in the pub last night playing in the pool competition. At some point during the game, my opponent mentioned something about Bronski Beat (after a few beers, you're lucky I remember this much), and my father and I both got stuck trying to remember who the Hell the lead singer was. I could remember he was also in the Communards, but I couldn't for the life of me remember his name.

"Aha!" I thought, and whipped out my trusty WAP phone. "I'll look it up on Google!" I figured this was a highly impressive example of how cool technology has become: having the world's biggest store of information literally at my fingertips, even when I'm down in the pub.

So I sat and wrestled with the terrible GPRS reception: waiting to establish my connection, and then sitting through the slow, griding wait for Google to load. While I was doing this, my father walked up to me and said "Jimmy Sommerville". He'd phoned his partner and asked her.

Social networks 1, data networks nil.

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