Sendmail Configuration for Mummies

by Charles Miller on August 22, 2003

From a discussion on JWZ's blog, came the suggestion:

From: <>

If that's in every message, try this in your .m4 or .mc file:

 HX-Sender: $>Check_XSender
 D{MMsg}Spamming denied
 R${MPat} $* $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}
 RX-Sender: ${MPat} $* $#error $: 553 ${MMsg}

There are tabs betwen $* and $#.

And the follow-up:

<shodan> I'm kinda surprised that after all this time, sendmail's config is still based on ancient hieroglyphs
<shodan> . o O ( To enable sender-validation in sendmail, enable this option: bird, squiggley line, sideways man, fish )

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