JSR-666: extended operator set

by Charles Miller on March 19, 2003

The brainstorming on JSR-666 continues. The JSR-666 expert group has noted that since Java source is essentially Unicode, there are thousands of potential operators going begging, simply because they don't appear on regular keyboards. This minor inconvenience should not deter us from improving the language, so we are proposing the following additions:

(Note: All these characters display on my Mac. YMMV)

The ‘unless’ alternative ternary operator
Shift left, then shift right, or, create a new ‘universe’ of objects (the spiral-galaxy operator)
The empty array.
The little empty array
The full array
« »
Canada-friendly comments. e.g. «this comment will be translated into French when compiled in Quebec» or...
Shift left, very quickly
Haha, Perl, we've got a real diamond operator!
Compress object (may be confused with # in the USA)
Denote a multi-line string literal
This object may not be clone()'d without permission.
a ¬ b
From a, subtract most of b or, Sutract b from a, then shift right.

The expert group will continue to ponder any more valuable additions to the Java language that the Unicode instruction set can provide. Submissions from the general public are welcome.

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