Code Conventions (final)

by Charles Miller on December 3, 2002

Cedric tries to introduce some moderation to the coding conventions debate:

But I have to say I am quite shocked by the vociferousness of everyone who has commented on these issues. Come on, guys, we are all professionals. There is no place for hating a bunch of letters or swearing over the way someone writes code. And I believe it is equally inappropriate to be extreme in any of your opinions. The Hungarian notation is neither totally evil nor absolutely perfect. Nor is anything else in our field.

The natural mode of any disagreement on the Internet is highly charged rhetoric. It's because we have this invisible audience that may or may not exist, so the instinct is to play to the crowd. This tends to elevate the most trivial discussion into a flamewar of epic proportions, especially with things that are matters of taste that can never be decided through reason (emacs vs vi, Java vs .NET, or code conventions)

More energy has been expended debating the correct positioning of braces than in deciding whether or not to invade Iraq.

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